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Why goldXchange ?

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The Spread between Pawn shops, Jewelry Retailers, Forex, is anywhere from 5%-18% above spot price.

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The cost of a Vault or Renting a space in the bank to store the Gold costs extra Dollars and cents. All purchased Gold is the stored in trusted
3rd Party Facility

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All the Gold coming through us is Physical gold. We do not deal in “ Paper-Gold”. You can get your Gold tested at our Warehouse or Shops to prove that it is Pure Gold.

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Aside from letting your Gold sit in a safe to appreciate or lose value, we provide you a platform to instantly liquidate or spend your Gold whenever and where ever you are.

*Terms and conditions apply.

How goldXchange works

Trade In Service

Trade In Service

We provide trade-in services where customers can come down to our offices/shops to convert their Gold and have it credited into thier goldXchange wallet which they can choose to spend/keep as an investment

Withdraw of Physical Gold

Incentive System

Additional of 7% admin fee upon taking out the Physical Gold from the Loomis International Vault at Free Port or at PureGold Group HQ


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Passive income

Passive income model

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